Pomegranate and tuna tart, a delicious and luxurious dessert

Tarts are one of the most popular confections or desserts that are consisted of two parts: the base dough and the filling. Tarts come in various types, and you can make different tarts with each season’s suitable fruits. In this section, we will teach you how to prepare pomegranate tart. Pomegranate tart can be a distinguished dessert at your feasts.


One Tohfe tuna fish in olive oil

One pomegranate

1 cup of s Cauliflower

½ cup of walnuts

2 tablespoons of mayonnaise sauce

1 tablespoon of strained yogurt

½ cup of olive oil

One lemon

Mint leaves

The required amount of salt, pepper, and thyme.

1 pack of finger-food salted tart bread


Mix all the ingredients with the sauce.

Fill the tart bread with the mixture. Decorate the tart with mint leaves and pomegranate.

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