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Tohfe industries development group

Tohfe industries development group started in 2004 with goals including developing the seafood consumption culture and increasing fish consumption per capita. We decided to make this decision more valuable through our social responsibilities toward job creation and investing in disadvantaged areas. Manufacturing various high-quality fresh products besides exports and earning foreign currencies for our country is a great honor for us.

Considering the importance of consuming fish and healthy food items and adding them to the regular diet, the Tohfe Brand has tried to utilize the freshest raw materials and the most advanced processing equipment and quality control along with the supervision of experienced food experts to promote the trend of consuming healthy foods in the country.

Sahel Sayd Konarak Production Complex

Sahel Sayd Konarak Production Complex was established in 2001 to produce seafood products based on international standards. This industrial complex has managed to produce canned fish in various weights and flavors (with added dill, olives, and peppers, and smoked fish) as well as diet canned fish, canned tuna and beans, canned simple tuna stew, canned minced tuna stew, canned roasted tuna stew, and tuna salad. This complex was founded in Konarak Township close to huge tuna reserves of the Sea of Oman in a land area of 20,000 square meters with a construction area of 16,000 square meters. Sahel Sayd Konarak Production Complex utilizes modern technologies, experienced staff, and 600 workers to produce 150 million cans annually using 7 production lines for its main products and 5 production lines for innovative and new products.

This industrial production complex can be considered one of the best and largest producers of canned fish in Iran as well as one of the largest importers of fresh high-quality tuna fish from various fishing areas of the world certified by the European Union. The products manufactured by Sahel Sayd Konarak Production Complex follow ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards. These products are manufactured using modern machinery and without using any preservatives in a highly controlled setting in terms of the microbial load. The products are manufactured under the supervision of experienced and skillful experts. The quality control unit of this industrial complex makes use of advanced laboratory equipment, skilled experts, and standard methods developed based on the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system to constantly monitor and supervise all production steps. The mission of Sahel Sayd Konarak Production Complex is to focus on the health and rights of our consumers.

Arman Jonoub Protein

Arman Jonoub Protein Company was established in 2001 to provide frozen and ready-to-cook seafood products. The company started by processing and packaging various types of commercial fish and shrimps. This factory directly employs more than 200 individuals in a land area of 8,250 square meters and a constructed area of 4500 square meters. The factory uses the most advanced freezing equipment, including IQF and plate freezer, to process its frozen products in different innovative packaging, including vacuum, thermoforming, and pack skin. Using advanced machinery and equipment and integrated quality management systems, this company distributes Tohfe products in chain stores all around the country. Moreover, the company has managed to obtain the necessary permits for directly exporting products to the European Union (Code: EC 840), Russia, China, Iraq, and Persian Gulf countries.

Arman Gostar Novin Konarak

Manufacturer of various types of metal cans with ring-pull tabs

Darya Salamat

Company with expertise in distributing seafood products

Daneh Talaei

Producer of fish powder as feed for livestock, poultry, fish, and shrimp

Arman Sanat Company

Arman Sanat Company is engaged in the repair, processing and manufacturing of machinery for the food industry and related industries. This company is located in Sistan and Baluchestan and in the industrial city of Konarak.



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