How to distinguish a high-quality, excellent can of tuna fish?

When you are shopping for cans of tuna, what do you focus on?

Premium and regular cans of tuna fish have several differences. By paying a little attention, you can safely purchase what you need. We will discuss the difference in the following section:

The type and appearance of the fish:

On some cans of fish, you can read as listed in the contents section: “Sliced or pieces of meat or fish fillets,” however on others is written: “fish flakes.” The second group doesn’t have a desirable appearance.

The more important matter is that the fish must only belong to longtail tuna or yellowfin tuna families, and the name must be listed on the can. If the name was not listed or the name is anything other than the mentioned families, then this can of tuna is probably not a premium product.

Type of can

The high-quality cans are made as single-body, one-piece metal cans. However, the regular cans consist of a bottom plate attached to a separate body. Even the body may not be uniform. The more there are seams on the can, the possibility of higher microbial load and rusting increases, and the quality of the product declines.

Direct communication between the customer and the manufacturer:

Look for a customer contact line on the packaging. The existence of a communication method between the customer and the manufacturer indicates that the manufacturer is assured of the product’s quality and senses responsibility toward the product consumers.

Tohfe food industries group cares for consumers’ health and cherishes the rights of its patrons by using only the best longtail tuna or yellowfin tuna with packages made by integrated cans. The customer service unit of the Tohfe company is always ready to answer questions and hear the opinions of its dear consumers.

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